Friday, January 30, 2009

Foot ball

foot ball is one of my favorite sports but basketball is my favorite of favorites. I've been playing basketball for about 3 years and I'm on a team right now called the pacers.I'm pretty good at basketball and the reason I'm good is because I'm 6'4.

Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas for a week I saw a billion things and I am going to tell you a couple of them.When I was there I went to midway when I was ever bored.Midway I a room filled with a lot lot of carnival games.I went to Las Vegas with my family and and my cousins. My to cousins names are Tyler and Tori.Tyler is 18 and he is very funny.Tori is 15 and she is nice.We went to a lot of places but that is all I"m going to say.