Friday, December 12, 2008

Josh's life

OK. I was born in Virgina and i was raised in Hawaii. My name is Josh . I have about two hobbies.They are Basketball and fishing. I have been playing basketball for at least 3 years. The resin I like basketball so much is i am 6 feet and 4 inch's. I have been fishing for about 2 years. The reason I like fishing so much is because my dad does it about every other day. When I get older i want to go in the army or I would like to play in the NBA. The reason I want to go in the army is because my dad was in it and he made a lot of money. OK so that was a little bit about me.


  1. fix your playlist...or your mom will yell at you...

  2. josh you have a lot of changes that need to be made. i would yell at you but then uncle feki would yell at me so i tell you now do what you have to do but stay out of my way i this school

  3. you spelt "reason" wrong
    and u still should fix ur playlist

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  5. josh maybe you should change your song before i show mom your blog :D and i always knew you weren't the best speller in the world. That whats im here for(:
    -love your older sister.